How Far Can A Kitten Fall Without Injury?

To find out, we placed a kitten on one of our test beds and filmed its fall. We then compared the results with those obtained from children aged between 4 and 13 years old. The results were quite surprising: while the average fall height for kids was only about 12cm, our cat fell over 30cm (see video). In other words, it took 1/3 less time to get hurt by falling than did this team of researchers.

So what’s going on here? First off, kittens are very small animals that weigh just 5 or 6 grams when fully grown at around 14 weeks old. They also move fast and their bones tend to be more fragile than adults due to their still developing bodies — thus they can break more easily if there is too much force applied to them during a fall. It’s important not only how far down you go but also how long your body remains in contact with something such as the floor before coming back up again! This is why having good control over your movements is so important — even if it means learning to slow down!

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