How Is Is A Kitten If Its Still Suckling?

Toxidae are born blind, naked and hairless. They are not capable of independent existence for more than a few days until they have acquired the ability to hear with their ears, see with their eyes and thermoregulate themselves by moving around. After about two weeks they begin to open their eyes and after four or five weeks start to crawl away from the mother’s side. The kittens become weaned at six months but remain dependent on their mothers until the age of six months when they begin to live independently in burrows which may be located close together or widely separated (up to 100ft). There is no record of this species breeding in captivity although I know that it has been successfully bred in Europe. Despite being very sedentary during its first year female Toxoidea will move great distances within a season travelling as far as ten miles along highways, pathways etc which pass through suitable habitat such as woodland or grassland.

Why don’t you breed them?

It was only recently discovered that captive bred Toxoidea can suffer severe reproductive failure due mainly to an inability of males (in some cases) to achieve copulation success with females due either secondary sexual dimorphism (which causes males often appear larger than females) or because there is insufficient time remaining before winter cold weather sets in requiring high levels of physical activity preventing successful mating attempts by both sexes; hence these poor results might lead eventually caused colony collapse if left uncorrected over several years