How Long Before A Kitten Is Ready To Give Away?

Even in the best of circumstances, it takes about six weeks for a kitten to reach full maturity. The actual growth rate varies with each individual animal; some go much faster than others. Kittens may also be injured or caught by predators during their developmental period; however these mishaps are not common and do not affect the average time frame.

When is an appropriate age for kittens to be given away?

Ideally your new family member should make his debut into this world at 8-10 weeks of age (the equivalent of 5-6 months old in human years); however, if you choose to wait until he is older than 6 months, then that is fine too! No matter when you give him away, consider yourself lucky because most people who adopt cats will take them before they are 6 months old since there are so many unadoptable cats out there waiting to find homes–they would otherwise wind up being euthanized because shelters can’t keep up with demand. So please don’t wait past 6 months unless you absolutely have no other choice!

How long does a kitten live? How often do I need to check on him?

Kittens live anywhere from 2 – 3 years depending on how well they eat and exercise while growing up–some get sick more often than others which affects how fast they grow and mature as well as their overall health condition. If your kitten has been declawed or had any surgery performed without nail trimming prior to