How Long Before You Can Touch A Newborn Kitten?

Up to five days. This is not a pre-weaning period, and the kitten will be able to eat solid foods on day 5 or 6 of life.

What should I feed my kitten?

Kittens need two things: food and water. We recommend feeding them moistened cooked chicken, beef or turkey (not raw), with soft eggs and some vegetables such as carrots, peas and squash (no leafy greens). They also like milk—a small amount every other day for kittens under three months old; more often for older ones. You can offer cooked chicken soup from time to time if your kitten needs extra nourishment because she doesn’t get enough good nutrition in her diet through her mother’s milk alone. If you want to give your cat canned food instead of wet food, we recommend that it be “wet” only for about two weeks after birth before switching back to normal dry food so that he gets used to eating both kinds of diets regularly throughout his life: wet once a day and dry twice a day, but always supplemented with fresh healthy homemade meals at mealtimes.

Can my pet really talk? How do I know when they are hungry/sick/in pain? Can they see us while they are looking straight ahead?

All animals communicate in their own way through body language, sounds or smells—even humans! When an animal is anxious or experiencing discomfort these signals may sometimes go unnoticed by us until later when we