How Long Can A Kitten Survive Without Food?

Asked by: Kitten Lover

Answer: An adult cat needs to eat at least once every 24 hours. If your cat is running low on food, then call the veterinarian and have him or her take a look at your kitty. Most cats can go without eating for about 3 days before they start showing signs of starvation such as vomiting and weakness. It’s important to note that if you suspect your kitten has gone too long without food, don’t attempt home-cooked meals; instead call your vet immediately. There are medications available which can be given directly into the vein (intravenous) to keep an animal from starving all together! The best way to feed a newborn kitten is with formula powder, which should be mixed with warm water until it reaches the desired consistency. This mixture can then be spooned into the mouth or offered through some type of syringe (a plastic tube attached to a bottle). You might try warming up some broth in a pan first so you’ll know how many tablespoons of warmed liquid each teaspoon will hold before feeding it to them…this trick helped me when I was first starting out! Read More about this answer here . Good luck! –Regina answered .

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