How Long Can Cats Be Left Alone

Are you a cat lover? If yes, then you must be living with one. Cats are very loving and one of the adorable creatures in the world, but have you ever thought of your car before leaving for work? Maybe it feels lonely or hungry. Perhaps they are not independent enough to be left alone.

But you cannot always be around for your cat in today’s fast-moving world. Sometimes it’s hours or maybe days when you return home. So what could you possibly do for your cat when it’s home alone? Concerned yet? You are now.

Cats might not require daily long walks like dogs, but this doesn’t mean they can be left alone. A cat misses its owner faster than dogs because you could open the cans for it or clean the litter box but develop a sense of attachment and love like all other animals do.

Cats are known to be independent creatures but yet they crave attention and interaction with its owner. So does this mean you cannot leave your cat alone? Keep on reading to find out.

According to numerous researches, you can leave your cat according to its age like if it is of four months, you can leave it alone for four hours; similarly, if it is six months or older, you could only leave it for 7 to 8 hours a day. However, a fully grown cat can be left alone for a day but under a few conditions. If you take care of the following factors, your cat might be comfortable at your home for 24 to 48 hours:

Companionship Is Important

Two are always better than one can also be implemented on your cats as both cats would accompany each other till you return.

Pet Feeding Just Got Smarter

In a world where humans are innovating daily, how can it be possible to leave the animals behind? HomeAgain offers an AI pet feeder that preserves the food and detects your cat’s collar to serve a fresh meal even when you’re out. Such technologies might help you to leave your cat alone without making it feel abandoned.

Get Another Litter Box

We all know what happens when a cat’s litter box is not cleaned. The dirty litter box demoralizes the cat to use it as cats are always cautious about their hygiene, and as a result, the cat might use the sofas. Leaving extra litter boxes in different corners of the house will always help your cat stay mannered.

Unfriendly Weather Conditions

A cat is a warm-blooded furry mammal, almost like humans, requiring special attention if the weather is too harsh. If the sun is sharp, then you must turn on the air conditioning for your cat; similarly, if the weather is too cold, then you must prepare a comfortable, cozy bed for your cat before leaving.

Arranging Home Entertainment

Your cat might be frightened or lonely if you’re not around, but to avoid this, you could buy some noise-creating toys for your cat or even turn the radio or TV on so your cat doesn’t feel alone.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

The cat needs to stay hydrated till you return from your work. It would be great if you could manage a small fountain for your cat to play or drink in summers, but you could always pour bowls of water and place them in different corners of your house.

Hire a Cat-Sitter: If you are still unsure if these things will work or not, you could always go for a cat sitter a night or two before leaving for a trip or a hangout. Tell the cat-sitter about your cat’s habits so that the cat could be more comfortable with him while you are away.