How Long Do Kittens Need To Eat Kitten Food?

Kittens need to be fed four times a day, with their first meal at around six-eight weeks old. After that they will only need food once daily (morning or night) until about 16 weeks old when they should move onto twice daily feedings. You may also want to consider feeding your kitten wet food as it helps them meet the required amount of taurine in their diet which is essential for brain development up until weaning – just don’t overfeed! We recommend you have a vet check your kitten’s weight regularly and adjust their formula according to how much they are growing every few days. A good rule of thumb is that kittens can weigh no more than 1lb per week from around 10 weeks old, so if you have been feeding them three meals each day you should aim reduce the number of meals by one each week so from 20g/day down to 10g/day after 22 weeks. They usually reach full growth at 4 months but some breeds or litters might not be fully grown by this time, so always use caution on safety rather than haste!

How does my cat purr? Does he know I am hurting him? Why does he do it? And why won’t he stop?!

Purring is a mating call and cats make vibrating sounds through the vocal chords during purr mode known as ‘vocalisation’ – this sound has been found useful in communicating with other members of its species including