How Long Do You Feed A Cat Kitten Food?

How long do you feed a cat kitten food?

This question is a bit more specific, but it’s still very important to know the right answer. If you don’t feed your kitten with enough nutrition early on, he will turn into a fat cat and it would be very hard to lose those extra pounds later in life. You can start giving him low-grade canned food as soon as he arrives at your house. This way, his body will gradually adjust to natural diet and he’ll have all the essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development of his organs. Once that happens, then you can switch him over to higher quality organic foods that match the needs of his growing nature. It just depends on what type of cat you have so make sure you read our article about feeding kittens from birth until 3 months old . One thing we’d like to mention here is that too much or too little variety may hurt your kitty’s digestion so always choose healthy raw meats for this purpose only!