How Long Do You Feed A Kitten Kitten Food?

A kitten can eat adult cat food for 6 to 8 weeks. After that, the mother cat will start feeding them more of her own kittens’ diets. If you are concerned about him getting fat, switch to a growth formula or give him some purina kitten chow kibble instead of adult cat food. Cats have this weird thing where they won’t overeat on their primary foods if they’re getting secondary types at the same time so you’ll probably be fine with just giving him adult cat food and leaving his other meals up to your discretion (assuming he doesn’t like it).

Q: Can I add water when feeding my kitten?

Yes, add water as needed; cats don’t need much in terms of hydration compared to humans! If adding too much causes your pet’s bowl to overflow, try adding less water next time and see what happens. A good rule-of-thumb is always use half the amount of water recommended on the bag/can label (example: dry dog food should only require 1 cup per 20 pounds) but make sure there’s enough extra room in your pet’s bowl before pouring any in because cats tend not to drink from bowls that already fill up all the way!