How Long Does A Kitten Need To Nurse?

On average, kittens require no more than 2-3 months of nursing until they are eating solid foods. This is true for all breeds of cats. Kittens that have not been exposed to an appropriate diet can take 4-6 weeks to learn how to eat on their own. The first two weeks are the most crucial because this will determine if your kitten will be a picky eater or not. If he won’t feed himself by six weeks old, you should seek veterinary help immediately as many serious health problems can arise without proper nutrition being provided during this critical window of time.

How long does it take for a kitten to start eating solid food?

It is recommended that kittens begin on canned or dry puppy food around four weeks of age and then transition onto wet cat kibble after five weeks (see feeding times below). It usually takes between 1 – 3 days before they decide what kind of kibble works best for them and often twice daily feedings become necessary within one week or so depending upon individual needs and preferences! Once they’ve developed the hang-ofs, we recommend switching over from puppy/kitten food back into adult cat food once each year in order to maintain optimal weight throughout adulthood (or at least keep them looking fit!).