How Long Does A Kitten Need To Stay With Its Mother?

If the kitten is very young, it may need to stay with the mother for 6 weeks. If the mother cat has not had her kittens in 4 months, she may become ‘inactive’ for this length of time. This means that she will not move around much or eat or drink anything at all. She most likely needs to have a litter box cleaned out – but you won’t know unless she comes into your house!

How long do kittens grow?

Kittens are small and they only increase in size until they are one month old (when their eyes open). After this point, they continue to stop growing. Female cats reach full maturity when they are about 9 months old, males when 12 months old. See our section on growth rates below for more information about how quickly kitties grow up!

Can I buy a kitten from my local shelter?