How Long Does Foster Kitten Adjust To New Home?

New kitten, new home. How long does it take to get used to a new environment? What is the best way to introduce a new cat to your other pets? Catster staff answer these questions and more…

Question: I have two adult cats (both neutered) who will not get along with my 3-year-old kitten. Should I separate them or wait until they are older before bringing in another pet of theirs (possible female)? The kittens keeps getting underfoot, scratching on things and clawing at our legs while we’re all eating dinner. Is there something else that might be causing him/her distress besides sharing territory with two adults? Thanks for any suggestions! -Marilyn Sanford, via email

Answer: You need only one word of advice here: patience! It can take up to 6 months for non-neutered male cats to accept neutered females as acceptable playmates — so don’t give up hope just yet. Many people put their two males together when they first bring home an unspayed or unneutered female cat — never again! But if you do try this technique, make sure the moms spend lots of time together after you’ve introduced her into their lives; otherwise she’ll become stressed due to lack of contact with mommy’s littermates. If after six months everything still isn’t working out well between mother and daughter then you may want look into some kind of behavioral modification training for both