How Long Does It Take For A Feral Kitten To Adjust?

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The general rule of thumb is that kittens and adult cats will usually take to each other in about a month. However, some things can slow down the process: for instance, older feral cats may be skittish; they’re used to living alone and don’t like being near people or their territory boundaries (which must be established before introductions). Also, there could be genetic differences between the two breeds. A friendly cat might not want to go near an aggressive one who won’t let him get close; but even if he does make it past his fear factor, he may not have enough experience around humans yet to understand everything you say. The kitten himself should be spending at least part of every day with a human family member by this point anyway—for example while hanging out on your lap while watching TV or playing with toys—so it shouldn’t have much trouble adjusting to his new life mate too quickly.

How do I know my cat has been spayed/neutered?

Most veterinarians recommend neutering all male pets over 6 months old because castration causes less trauma for them than spaying does. In addition, males are more likely than females to wander away from home when they reach sexual maturity since they need less grooming and care overall. If your pet goes through puberty late in life due to medical issues, surgery might also prevent future problems such as reproductive cancers or mammary