How Long Does It Take For A Kitten To Get Used To A New Home?

This is a question that I get asked all the time. It’s also one of those questions that can be very hard to answer because everyone has their own idea of what it means for a kitten to “get used” to a new home.

One thing you should know up front is that this process doesn’t take a year or anything like that – but it does take time and patience on your part as well as from Kitty! Just remember, cats are creatures of habit and liking things just right takes some gentle coaxing from momma kitty!

When you first bring Kitty into your home, she will immediately inspect every corner, sniff everything and try her best to find where she came from. This behavior will typically last anywhere between 3-7 days (I know my 4 month old boy took about 7 weeks), at which point she will begin exploring more thoroughly and with less anxiety. She may still spend hours exploring every nook and cranny in search of food (this is normal) but after day 2/3 usually they start moving around the house quite frequently; toileting outside; climbing walls; scratching furniture etc… all signs that they are now starting to feel comfortable in their new space . This stage lasts another week or two before little Kitten really starts becoming herself again (just don’t expect her to jump up on you with big eyes saying “Hi Ma!”). At this point we can say “