How Long Does The Kitten Stage Last?

Kittens under 2 months of age are in a period known as the “kitten stage”. During this time, they will be very playful and endearing, but also much more demanding. They will need constant attention to keep them from getting into trouble or from hurting themselves when they play. It is normal for kittens to spend most of their day sleeping, which means that you may not see much of them during the day. This can be frustrating for you and your kitten at times, but it is important that he gets enough sleep so he has energy to play all night! However, it does mean that if there are any problems with him during his first few weeks home (for example a serious illness), your vet might have a hard time catching it early enough so your kitten doesn’t have lasting health issues associated with being sick too young. This can happen even though many vets recommend against letting pets stay overnight until 8-9 weeks old due to their increased risk of contracting diseases such as parvovirus or Panleukopenia.[1]

How do I know my kitty’s healthy? How often should I get her checked by the vet?

It’s very important for pet parents to make sure their cats and dogs receive regular medical care over the course of their lifetime because disease can strike without warning and impact different body systems like: eyesight; immune system; ears; skin; blood vessels; liver/kidney/pancreas function