How Long For Kitten Adult Teeth?

It is hard to tell how long it will take for your kitten’s adult teeth to come in with any certainty. It is usually not until the first 12 weeks of life that they start coming through and it can be anywhere from three months to a year before they all fall out. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian about early intervention as there are dental diets designed specifically for kittens and puppies that may help prevent problems down the road.

How often do kittens need their teeth brushed?

Kittens typically use their tongues more than anything else when they groom themselves so brushing is an important part of good oral health care! You should brush them every two days (even less if you prefer) and make sure they always get plenty of water after a bath or shower because this helps keep their mouths clean and moist – especially important during teething season – which means healthy gums!

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