How Long Is A Kitten In Heat For The First Time?

Kittens generally begin to show signs of sexual maturity at 10 weeks. Kittens are in heat for approximately two weeks.

3) How long does a cat in heat last?

The length of time that she is in heat varies from kitten to kitten, with some being able to continuously go into estrus until they give birth or die, while others will come out of it within an hour after mating.

4) How often do cats get pregnant when they are not bred? Why is this? What can we expect if we don’t breed them properly and how can we prevent this from occurring again? Should we be concerned about the number of kittens any one female may have per litter and if so then why or what should we expect for each litter and each year that pass by without breeding our female kitty? It seems like every other week I’m hearing about a new story about a tomcat killing his lady companion…I’ve been told by vets all over town who see these types of incidents on a daily basis (as well as common sense type people such as my mother-in-law..who has raised four cats since 1990). Is there really something wrong with her reproductive system because he always killed her kittens once she got pregnant….or could it be something else??? I know you said you’d explain more clearly but please let me know if that’s possible and/or where to start looking for answers OR tell me what ever information you need before answering the