How Long Is Cat Considered A Kitten?

When a cat reaches 7 months of age, it has completed its first growth spurt and is no longer considered a kitten.

What are the health concerns for cats?

Although felines have many advantages over humans, they do have some serious health issues that can be debilitating or fatal if left untreated. Not all diseases are transmittable to people but there are some common ones that you should be aware of: Heart Disease – The most common ailment afflicting domestics cats. They often die from organ failure due to heart disease which is very expensive to treat in veterinary hospitals. Pneumonia – A condition where toxins build up within the lungs causing feverishness and coughing fits until death occurs by respiratory failure or septic shock. Deworming medications require regular administration due to the amount of parasites living inside their bodies at any one time (cat’s kidneys aren’t geared towards eliminating parasites). Parasites – These include intestinal bots, roundworms, hookworms etc., none of which can easily be treated effectively with medication alone but need an intricate program involving special diets along with ivermectin, fenbendazole etc., administered by your veterinarian on a regular basis for optimum results. Diarrhea – This can occur because of worms carried in various ways including fleas; excess protein intake; summer dehydration; allergic reactions caused by food additives or drugs used into human foods put into pet foods or treats; environmental changes such as dust storms coming down from