How Long Should A Cat Eat Kitten Food?

It’s always good to know exactly what your cat eats, but it may be a while before he can actually eat food. Some cats will start eating solid foods when they are about 2 months old and usually don’t eat anything else for several weeks after that. When you first get the kitten home, spoon-feed him small amounts of baby cereal or oatmeal mixed with warm water so he gets used to the idea of eating something soft in his mouth. Gradually increase the amount of time between feedings until it is time for him to eat regular food — there should be at least 24 hours between each meal. Never let your kitten go hungry, because if he does not have enough calories or nutrition during this transition period his body could develop serious health problems later on in life.

If you buy kitten food from an appropriate source (like PetSmart), make sure there are no additional additives like white rice flour which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The same goes for other forms of carbohydrates; avoid buying processed foods high in carbs such as potato chips – these types of biscuits should also be avoided since they contain too much fat and protein which will put an even heavier strain on your kitty’s digestive system than normal meats do!