How Long Should A Kitten Be Bottle Fed?

Start bottle feeding your kitten in the same way that you would with an adult cat. It is recommended that this be done when your kitten is about three weeks old, but each situation will be different and it may take a little longer than 3 weeks to get started. Always keep in mind that kittens need to eat often so if you can’t hold down two or three meals a day for your kitten, make sure you are getting at least one every 12 hours (three times per day). Some people like to give their kittens several small meals throughout the day instead of holding them over until they are full; either way works well. Once your kitten begins eating solid food it should start to grow at about 2 lbs per week; however, most cats don’t really seem hungry enough until they weigh around 4-5 lbs., which means he could go another couple of weeks without eating anything before he needs food again.

Do I need special baby formula?

If there are any concerns regarding your baby being allergic to milk products because of certain medications she has been given while giving birth, please contact us first because we have prepared our own special formula based on her diet after she gives birth! The formula comes in powder form and has all the nutrients already added so it can be mixed into warm water just as if it were regular commercial infant formula. We also have many other specialized formulas available right here on our website for sale online or through Amazon .com where there is free