How Long Should A Kitten Stay On Kitten Food?

A kitten can remain on the same diet for about 6 to 8 weeks. Beyond that, it’s time to start larger amounts of food until they are 6 months old or older.

How much should a kitten eat?

When feeding your new family member you will need to be very careful with the amount of food he/she eats at each meal because too much can lead to obesity and many other health problems so it is best not to over feed them.

How often do I feed my cat or kitten?

Feeding schedule for kittens: The recommended feeding schedule for kittens is every 12 hours but this may vary depending on their age, size etc. Often times when raising our kittens we have found that they are hungry every six hours so if the average length of time between meals is 12 hours then you shouldn’t leave more than one hour in between meals if possible 🙂 Try not to change their eating habits after 3-4 months old as changing routines can make an already nervous cat even more anxious which could result in unwanted behaviors such as yowling at night or hiding under furniture during mealtimes etc… A good rule of thumb would be any time there has been a significant decrease in appetite (ie dinner isn’t being eaten) go ahead and offer some food immediately afterwards – no sense stressing out your kitty over nothing! 🙂 And remember little ones get hangry quickly also – don’t forget all animals need water also Watering cats: While keeping tabs on