How Long Should Kittens Eat Kitten Food?

I think it is best to start with kitten food as soon as you bring your kittens home. You can also try trying different brands of kitten food, or mix and match types (dry, canned) until they like the taste. I find that some cats don’t really care for dry cat food too much; but most will eat it if you keep offering it on a regular basis. It’s important to make sure that both of them are getting enough nutrition from their diet! Their bodies need protein, vitamins A&D3 calcium and phosphorus along with other nutrients in order for them to be healthy and grow properly.

How old should kittens be when feeding?

Kittens generally begin eating solid foods at 5-7 weeks old (some may start earlier). Kitten milk replacer is usually offered at 8-10 weeks old although there is no set time frame on when they should stop nursing completely. They will continue to drink more than just mother’s milk during this period so there are many benefits associated with bottle feeding over breastfeeding including less risk of disease transmission through contaminated nipples. The healthiest way for mothers not only feed their babies but nurture themselves by providing adequate sleep/restful periods which prevent further stressors such as infection & illnesses during pregnancy & lactation( . During this time new moms can get skin folds cleaned out by using warm water