How Long Should You Feed Kitten Food?

How much should you feed a cat at each meal to maintain proper weight? Answer: The American Association of Feline Practitioners recommends feeding kittens 8-12 weeks old 16-20% calories from protein. In addition, they recommend that cats older than 3 years be fed an additional 10 to 15% calories from protein. If the kitten is less than 4 months old and has gained 2 pounds or more in a week, increase its food intake by one quarter until it reaches 5 pounds.

What are good treats for cats?

Why does my pet have bumps on her nose and paws? Answer: Cats with dry skin can have lumps all over their bodies as well as bumps on their noses and paws because of dry skin caused by the loss of moisture from the body’s coat. This will clear up within a few days but there may be some areas left behind which need regular grooming treatment if this problem becomes chronic. Also consider using special shampoos designed especially for pets with dry skin such as “Hopalong” conditioning shampoo available at most pet supply stores or your vet’s office or ask your veterinarian about other options such as applying petroleum jelly to affected areas several times daily (Petroleum jelly is not recommended for use on human skin). Dandruff can also cause itching so try using gentle anti dandruff shampoos which do not contain alcohol unless prescribed by your veterinarian! Also, if possible avoid bathing your pet too often since frequent bathing strips away natural oils needed