How Long To Keep Feral Female Kitten Confined After Spay?

I have a feral female kitten who is now about 7 months old! She has been outside most of the time. I want her to be spayed so I can keep her inside with me longer. She’s very friendly, but i’m afraid she will scratch me or bite if I try to pick her up. What are my options? Do you think it would be better for us all just to wait until she becomes pregnant again and then get her fixed? Should I go ahead and spay her now, or should we wait until she gets pregnant again? You’ll likely have some questions that your veterinarian may not answer right away – how long do you expect this kitten to live (how many kittens does she usually give birth to)? How much experience do you have with cats in general (i.e., what kind of environment does the cat usually live in/what kind of food did it eat when young)? How interested are you in having two kittens instead of one (or 3)? Your answers will help guide your decision on whether this is an appropriate situation or not; however, since there isn’t always a perfect solution for everything, it’s still important that every animal receives veterinary care as soon as possible after diagnosis – even animals like feral felines which require far more extensive change than most people realize! Regardless of how new your knowledge base might be regarding cats and their care, please remember that FIV positive cats often die before they turn 2 years old…so this situation IS different