How Long Until A Kitten Is A Cat?

Once a kitten is about 14 weeks old, it stops being called a kitten and becomes a cat. Most people do not wait until their new pet is one year old to start thinking of them as an adult cat. As long as the animal has all the life-stages of cats (feral or domesticated), they can be considered adults at any age.

Are kittens different from domestic cats? Are feral cats different from domestic cats? Yes, there are many differences between domestic and wild animals that you need to know before getting your first pet kitten or adopting stray kittens into your home if you live in an area where these animals occur naturally (the United States). Domestic Cats: A domestic cat’s coat may be short and soft; its ears rounded; its tail slender with hair on it; it may have markings such as stripes running through its fur, but these are rarely seen in feral cats due to years spent outdoors without human contact. Unlike most other felines, which have large heads with eyes set far apart above small flat noses, domestic felines tend toward having medium sized heads topped by prominent “cat faces” with large round eyes set close together above relatively broad noses. The ears are often very erect reflecting this tendency for being nearsighted rather than sighted because noise carries better at those frequencies than light does. Feral Felines: An almost entirely black coloration results from lack of exposure to sunlight so that melanin accumulates within cells producing dark