How Many Calories Does My Kitten Need?

Kittens are more active than adults, so it’s important to feed them the right amount of calories for their age. A kitten needs around 2-3 times as many calories as an adult cat.

How much should I feed my kitten?

It depends on the size of your kitten and its activity level, but a good rule of thumb is to weigh your kitten at least once a week and adjust the serving according to how much he weighs. If you have no idea what this means or how it works, don’t worry – we can help! When you first start feeding wet food, aim for 1/2 cup per 5lb (2kg) body weight per day. If your pet is gaining too quickly then reduce his daily intake accordingly until he reaches about 3oz (85g) per day. As kittens grow older they will need fewer calories each day, gradually decreasing down to around 12oz (350g) by 2 years old which is considered sustainable weight gain for most cats under normal circumstances with regular healthy eating habits