How Many Hours Per Day Does A Kitten Sleep?

. The average kitten sleeps nine to twelve hours per day. That’s a good amount of time for a cat, but not quite as much as some cats need.

Most kittens sleep through the night from three weeks old and all the way up until they are four months old. After that point, it is highly unlikely you will see your kitten going all night without waking once or twice during the night. There are times when kittens nap longer than others though! Isopure Kitten Formula provides essential nutrition for growing healthy kittens at just 30 calories per serving (meaning less calorific value than adult formulas). Each bottle contains only 20 calories – enough to help keep energy levels steady whilst encouraging optimal growth in young cats who can be notoriously difficult to feed because of their constant appetite. It’s also perfect if you’re trying to wean kittens off formula and onto solids: there’s no added flavourings so it tastes great and doesn’t affect how well your kitten absorbs nutrients..