How Many Ounces Should A Kitten Gain Per Day?

It is not possible to tell. What kittens should weigh depends on the kitten’s genetic make-up, its environment and whether it has gained weight rapidly or slowly in the past. There are other factors that also influence how many ounces a kitten should gain per day: for example, if you have several kittens it can be helpful to use an average figure rather than giving each one exactly the same amount of food every day.

How much does our cat need?

There are two main reasons why cats need more nutritional support than dogs do: because they tend to eat less frequently due to their smaller stomachs and shorter digestive systems; and because felines have evolved over millions of years with different requirements from those of humans. Cats may require twice as much protein as dogs but only half as much fat (not including fish oils). They also get half as many calories per kilogramme of bodyweight – which means that 1kg adult cat needs approximately 2lbs/0.9kg dog food daily compared with just under 3 lbs/1.4 kg for a small dog.* As well as these basic differences, there are some specific problems associated with feeding cats such as obesity, feline diabetes mellitus (FDM), hypoglycemia and hyperthyroidism that we will consider later on in this article..