How Many Ounces Should Kitten Grow Each Week?

Kittens grow very quickly, and they can easily outgrow their food jar. If a kitten is eating a standard 3-ounce portion of Purina® Pro Plan® Cat Food per day, it will have grown to an adult cat in just 41 days!

Do you recommend feeding your cats dry or wet food?

All cats should be fed at least once daily with a balanced diet that includes fresh water for both drinking and bathing. As the name implies, the main ingredient is meat—carnivores need meat to survive! Our balanced diets provide all essential nutrients including protein which helps build strong bones and teeth. When choosing your purrfect pet’s diet from our wide assortment of quality brands like Purina® or Royal Canin®, make sure it contains high levels of protein (6% minimum) plus vitamins A & D3 (2%).