How Many Times A Day Feed Kitten?

According to the owner of the cat, she had fed her kitten several times daily. I would recommend feeding your kittens at least 3-4 times a day. This is important for socialization and eye development. Your kitten will also be less stressed if he eats more often throughout the day. A kitten that sleeps all day needs to eat frequently so they have enough energy to play later in the evening when their energy drops off. If you are able to feed them 3 or 4 times per day, it will help with this as well as teach your kitten how much food he needs each time.*

What does my kitten need? How many calories should she get everyday?

Kittens are very susceptible during these first few months because they are growing rapidly while developing new organs such as eyes , teeth , claws etc . Kitten’s grow about twice their weight every two weeks! They must get about 1/3rd of an adult cats diet in order for their body systems to function properly but did not want them eating too much too fast !*Some things you can offer your young cat instead of dry kibble:1 cup cooked meaty baby food( try chicken) 1 tablespoon yogurt (cashew) 2 tablespoons canned tuna2 oz cake mix – part white & part yellow1 eggnogcups milk or formula depending on ageAllergies* What other foods do I have for my cat that may help prevent allergies ?I just recently got two little brothers who were