How Many Times A Day Should A Kitten Eat?

The main thing to remember is that felines are carnivores and as such they require a high protein diet. A kitten’s nutritional needs change as it grows, however, so ideally you should feed them three times a day. As the kittens get older the alternative is to have four meals a day rather than three. This will ensure your cat doesn’t become overweight or underweight. If your pet eats too little food then this can lead to obesity which could cause medical problems later in life so if you do start decreasing their portion sizes gradually make sure that each time they eat there isn’t any choking involved and that it’s not too small of an amount for them to finish up within one sitting; providing many different sized portions may help lessen this problem (especially with puppies).

How often should my baby be fed?

As cats grow larger and need more calories for energy we suggest feeding adult cats twice daily at least – preferably around 11:30 am and 5:00 pm – although either mealtime will work fine (morning or evening) depending on what works best for yourself and how much free time you have throughout the day since both mealtimes allow plenty of time available during those hours even when working full-time jobs etc.. When babies first arrive home from the breeder we recommend feeding them every 3 – 4 hours until about 2 months old, after which you’ll want to decrease feeding frequency by 1-2 feedings per week until around 8 weeks old where they’re ready