How Many Times A Day Should You Feed A Kitten?

This depends on age, activity level and size of the kitten. Most kittens need to be fed every two hours or so during the day, but it will vary depending on your particular kitten’s needs. You can also feed them at night if they seem hungry in between feeding times, though this is only recommended for very young kittens (under 3 weeks old).

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How much food should I give my cats?

The general rule of thumb is that an adult cat needs approximately .25-.5 cups (150-250 grams) per 5 pounds (2.3 kg) body weight each day – ie roughly 1 cup for every 10 lbs (4kg). However, you may want to consider increasing their daily intake by up to 25% when they are elderly or overweight/underweight as sometimes older cats don’t eat quite as much as younger ones do. If you have any concerns regarding your cat’s well being please talk to your vet immediately – any illness can be serious and even life threatening! A good rule of thumb here is that if their eyes aren’t visible then their ears probably won’t touch their tummies too either 🙂

What kind of food should I feed my kitty? Can I mix different diets together? What about dry & wet food? Allowed foods include all types of fresh meats such as turkey breast pieces with gravy