How Many Times Do You Feed A Kitten Per Day?

A: You can feed a kitten as many times per day as you want, but once it has eaten its first meal of the day, its stomach will be full. If you are feeding your kitten several meals per day, you can end up with an overweight cat because some of the food does not get digested and passed on through the system.

Q: How much should I weigh my cat?

A: It is recommended that cats remain at room temperature during winter months by being kept on heated pads or in small boxes lined with special heat-reflecting materials to maintain their body temperatures below 98 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). An unheated box with little bedding for sleeping would work well for this purpose. The best choice would be one that allows air to circulate around your cat’s head so that she doesn’t overheat during hot weather. Water bowls must also be provided close enough so they do not freeze solid in cold weather – but far enough away so they do not become too warm when summer comes along again! Feeding problems may also occur if your pet becomes too fat due to overeating or improper nutrition; therefore, keeping track of how much food is given daily and providing only adequate amounts of good quality foods will allow proper weight control without causing health problems like obesity (being overweight). Cats who eat more than 10 percent above their ideal weight are prone to developing skin infections; overweight pets tend to have poor circulation which prevents them from exercising sufficiently;