How Many Times Kitten Poop 15 Weeka?

my 15 week baby kitten has just pooped in the house. He is not showing any signs of constipation or diarrhea, he is drinking water and doesn’t seem to be sick at all. I’m worried that he’s getting too big for his litter box but am equally concerned about him pooping on the floor (he usually does it under furniture). Is there anything I can do?

Answer: It sounds like you are doing everything right with the diet, litterbox habits , etc. You don’t need to get into medicine until that happens; it would only make matters worse if your vet prescribed something that was not required by law (or even recommended) for cats. The best thing for him is making sure he gets adequate exercise . If this means taking him outside each day while you are home so he will try hard enough to poop/pee in someplace where you can clean it up easily once a day or two, then go ahead and do so…it’ll help keep his system more regular than having him confined indoors 24 hours a day with no opportunity to use the bathroom. Keep coming back here every few days when you know what’s happening – we’re always happy to answer questions!