How Many Times Should I Feed My Kitten?

How often should I feed my kitten? If you’re the only one feeding your kitten, just once a day. However, if you’re leaving him/her home with someone else to take care of it while you are away, then consider feeding them twice a day. It’s recommended that kittens be fed 3 times in total (2-3 times per day) including when they get up at night and evening time before bedtime. This will allow for optimum growth which is essential for their proper development and long term health.

What should I feed my kitten? Kittens can eat any commercial cat food but it is good to buy the biggest variety available (i.e., not all grain free). They need lots of water too; therefore make sure they have fresh drinking water every single time they drink from their bowl each morning or afternoon or whenever it seems like their thirst has waned even slightly after consuming some liquid food (this could be anytime during daylight hours). Remember that cats love water so try not to leave bowls empty all the time as this is very unhealthy for both your cat and yourself! In general, adult cats require about 2 cups of dry kibble daily whereas kittens under 6 months old need 1 cup per week [source]. It’s best to mix foods together in order to keep things interesting for them so if there is a particular type of food your cat loves how about mixing both types together in equal amounts until he/she gets used to one over another? Or