How Much Attention Does A Kitten Need?

A kitten needs lots of attention. It is important to be sure that your new kitten is getting enough exercise and stimulation throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is two hours of playtime per day, which can include playing with toys, batting around a ball or retrieving catnip mice from under furniture or beds. You should also spend at least an hour feeding your kitten (make sure you are not overfeeding him). If he appears bored, it’s time for another toy!

Are kittens less independent than cats?

Kittens are very needy; they need more care and attention than adult cats do. They may not want to explore their environment without supervision for several weeks after birth (sometimes up to six months), but once they start exploring on their own they will be fine. Keeping them in separate cages when you have visitors coming can help prevent biting incidents because there often isn’t much space between the cages so kitties who aren’t interacting with each other feel left out when others are looking in at them through the cage bars. Kittens also don’t understand boundaries so if one wanders into another part of the house it’s generally best just to ignore this behavior rather than attempt to grab hold of it before it has a chance to learn what “I’m here” means in that particular location!

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