How Much Benadryl Can You Give A Kitten??

I have had a kitten with cold symptoms. He was taking Benadryl but not enough to be of use. I got him on Virbac’s liquid benadryl and he has finally started getting better! It took about two weeks, one week for the swelling in his nose to go down and now it is almost all gone!! He still has some sneezing/runny nose, which is what I am using this stuff for right now, but overall he seems to be doing fine!

How long does benadryl take effect??

I have a 7 month old cat who gets very sick when she eats certain foods (like trix). She will get her back legs up in the air or whine or cry if you try putting her food away. She also sleeps alot which triggers my allergies so if i eat something that gives me an upset stomach she starts crying hysterically making sleeping impossible….any help? How long does benadryl take effect??