How Much Canned Food Should A Kitten Eat?

If your kitten is eating a lot of canned food, you may want to switch him over to a homemade diet. Most of the high-quality brands have been formulated specifically for cats and dogs, so they’re very similar in nutritional value. Some people even prefer their own home-cooked foods because they can be customized with more ingredients that are specific for pets or just taste better!

Why does my cat eat his poop?

Your cat has probably gotten into something like bird seed or dry kibble that’s full of irresistible treats (treats contain natural flavors). So he’ll eat it; then he’ll either vomit it up later on because he doesn’t feel right about it, or he’ll begin licking himself all over until something comes out. If this sounds like your cat, make sure to use some sort of barrier between his litter box and anything else in the house (such as sweetened cereals) so that nothing will tempt him to lick there.