How Much Cat Food To Feed A Kitten?

Smaller kittens need to be fed 4 times a day, and they can eat approximately 5 tablespoons of cat food per meal. The larger the kitten’s age, the more milk it will drink at each feeding. A two-week old kitten is likely to drink about 7 ounces (200 ml) in one sitting; a week-old kitten may consume up to 9 ounces (250 ml). Although 10% of mother’s milk contains some carbohydrate and fat, most cats do not require added carbohydrates or fats when they are weaned from their mothers’ milk at five weeks of age. Once kittens have been weaned onto solid food, however, there is no reason for them not to get all the nutrients they need from dry kibble or canned diet alone if you provide an adequate amount of fresh water every day.((See also: Optimal Diet for Your Cat.))