How Much Dewormer To Give A Kitten?

There are two types of dewormers that you can give a kitten. The first is an oral medication, and the second is a topical treatment applied to the skin. It’s important to read the instructions on both products, but most experts recommend using it in your cat’s food or water for best results. You should also talk to your vet about which one will be easiest for you and your cat’s situation.

How do I prevent fleas from infesting my pet?

Many people think that preventing fleas from infesting their pets involves simply avoiding contact with them at all possible moments, but this isn’t always enough when they have been infected by fleas already present in their environment. If it has been some time since you had a problem with fleas at home, then it might help if you clean thoroughly around your house before spending any more time inside it so they don’t have anywhere else to go!