How Much Do You Feed A Newborn Kitten?

My cat is 3 months old. It was born with a birth defect and has been on antibiotics since day 1. I feed her D3, fish oil, and chicken breast twice a day mixed in with wet food (I just mix my own food). She loves the canned food but I do not know if that would be too much or not enough for an adult cat? Also just FYI she eats 15-20 kcals per pound of body weight so at 4 lbs it would be about 65-75 calories daily.


How Much Should A Newborn Cat Eat? – Its hard to calculate how many calories they need because we don’t know their exact weight, age or activity level when they are hungry! As long as your cat is eating what you put out there then no worries! Another great website that will help us answer your question is