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What will my cat weight in ounces at 8 weeks of age? – Seven week old kitten 4 ounces five ounce ten ounce twelve ounce sixteen ounce twenty two sixteen how much to take off his weight when taking him for shots what does it mean if your dog is losing right from left side when walking. What does it mean if your dog is losing his balance when walking. What does it mean if your dog loses his appetite while eating. Why doesnt my dog want to eat anything now that i have switched foods why wont he eat all day long but once we get home he eats til about 9 pm then just stops eating again night time only wants water maybe half a cup of water no food nothing at all sometimes still wana go outside and play with other dogs but not really want to come back inside seems like hes been holding on so well why wouldnt he let me know, But lately hes been having bad breath stinks cant even touch him calls out its cold calls out its hot feels like im going through torture hell this sucks, Ive tried different things changing diets shaving down the amount of food i