How Much Does A 3 Week Old Kitten Weigh?

A healthy 3 week old kitten should weigh between 1.5-2 ounces. They can vary in weight up to several times that amount, depending on their breed and the season of the year you acquire them. Remember, your kitten is just getting its muscles built up after being born. So it has a lot more growing to do than other older cats who have already grown into adulthood! This will take some time for your new pet to grow out of so don’t be disappointed if they seem small at first.. The only way I know how to judge size accurately with kittens is by feeling their tummies…if one has a very large belly (like my boy) then he’s probably bigger than average! :o)

What kind of food does a 3 week old kitten need?

3 week old kittens are still transitioning from mother’s milk to solid foods, but they’re getting ready to start eating dry dog or cat food which doesn’t contain protiens (animal proteins.) You can use either canned diet or make special “kitten” wet/dry patties out of store bought kitty litter until you get your own little carnivore hungry enough for human fare…lol But since kittens learn everything through smell and taste, you’ll want the softest meal possible (softer than soft!) until he gets used to solid foods–this includes baby cereal soaked in warm water; cooked rice; scrambled eggs; tuna & chicken baby food; yogurt with fruit bits