How Much Does A 4 Week Old Kitten Eat?

A 4 week old kitten should be fed approximately 3oz of canned food every 2 hours, or 1/2 cup of kitten formula every 12 hours. Kittens are said to need their first vaccination at 2 weeks and another one at 4 weeks. At this time you should also get the kitten spayed or neutered..

Q: What is it that stimulates a baby’s appetite? How do I stimulate my kittens’ appetite? A: Baby kittens only require breast milk until they are about three to four weeks old – milking your cat will not make them eat better. You can try feeding them wet food but kitty has to have an interest in eating for it to work effectively..

Q: My cat never eats when hes hungry, what can I do? A: First off you want your pet receiving enough moisture because without it our bodies don’t function properly and if we’re not getting enough water then we go into dehydration which causes stomach upsetness so even if mom doesn’t know she’s giving her babies too little water so always give her plenty of wet food with fresh clean water. Also consult with your vet on anti-diarrhea medication since this could be causing your problem…