How Much Does A Balinese Kitten Cost?

The standard kitten is priced at $1,500. Balinese kittens are more expensive than this because they have higher quality bloodlines and better health care. Like other breeds of cats, the Balinese has different prices based on where it comes from. The price for a purebred kitten varies greatly depending on whether it’s sold as an adult or as a baby (a kitten that’s 1-2 years old). It can cost anywhere between $150 to $3,000!

Where do Balinese kittens come from?

Balinese kittens are mostly born in Bali but also sometimes in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. They often come to us through rescue organizations like SaveABaby or shelters in Bali or outside of Indonesia so we understand their background is not always positive. Saving them helps these beautiful little cats live with a safe environment which allows them to thrive while being loved by people who will provide them with the best life possible! Our goal is to help save every one of our kitties no matter how big or small… See more about our adoption process here: