How Much Does A Cornish Rex Kitten Cost?

The average cost for a Cornish Rex kitten is $1,000.00. The best price I found on Petfinder was $750 and the worst was $500 with no breeders in between. There are lots of pet stores out there who sell them under their own brand name but they usually have high fees attached to it as well as some sort of contract that you must sign for the lifetime use of the pet or something ridiculous like that! So if you don’t want to worry about an additional fee then just go ahead and google “Cornish rex” or whatever term you prefer so find a breeder near by where there are plenty of purebreds for sale at reasonable prices!

Are Cornish rex cats hypoallergenic? What type do my kids have? How much does healthcare cost?

Most people think because they are part cat/part dog that they’re all little furry angels right?! Wrong … most dogs aren’t great on pillows, chairs, couches etc.; but cats can be very destructive to furniture especially when left alone too long without human interaction (which makes sense). They love toilet paper rolls & TV remotes & door handles; which means having one around will make your house look like hell pretty quick…..but hey…they make cute pets 🙂 Some people say it’s easier to keep them off things than clean up after them….I’m not sure how true this really is though since ours are rarely left alone anyway