How Much Does A Kitten Eat?

When cats are kittens, they need to eat approximately every two hours. As the kitten grows older and his stomach becomes more developed he needs less food on a daily basis. Kittens grow rapidly during their first year of life so it is important that you feed your cat on an even schedule throughout this period of rapid growth. The only exception to this rule is when the kitten has diarrhea or vomiting episodes (very rarely). Do not skip feedings because skipping will make him uncomfortable; instead give him additional water as soon as possible after each feeding. You can work out how much your kitten eats by using one of the following formulas:

How many ounces should I feed my cat?

The number of times per day you should feed any pet depends upon its age, size, health conditions and activity level. Although some breeds require more calories than others, there are general guidelines for weights recommended for adult pets. A growing puppy’s diet requirements vary from those of a full grown dog depending upon his growth rate but these amounts may be used as a starting point in calculating what he needs now and later in life: