How Much Does It Cost To Declaw Kitten?

This question is very important because it can affect our decision on how we deal with this problem. If we do not know the cost of declawing a kitten, then we cannot make an intelligent judgment about whether or not this procedure is right for us and our kitten. The best thing to do in such a situation is to contact some cat rescue groups and ask them what they charge for declawing kittens (the answer may surprise you!). You might also try your local veterinary hospital. However, please note that some veterinarians will refuse to perform such procedures on cats since they consider it cruel (I was told by one veterinarian that he would never allow his own cat to be declawed). So, you’ll have to call around until you find somebody who will help cut down your kitty’s claws without making him pay through the nose!

How much does it cost? Well….It depends…and I don’t mean just how many toes get amputated! Let me explain: Kitten claws are completely different from adult claw sheaths so there’s no reliable way of knowing how much work goes into each leg unless someone actually did the surgery…which I doubt anyone has done yet!!! But here’s my estimate: About $3.00 per nail – these nails grow fast and get really sharp! A little while ago I gave a friend advice about her cat having difficulties scratching its back end while using litter boxes….she had been using soft bedding products all