How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Kitten? is a website that lets you send money to anyone in the world, securely and for free. This eliminates the need for middlemen like Western Union or MoneyGram who charge high fees on top of their services. X-card’s web app allows users to purchase gift cards from various retailers, which can be sent by email or keyed into an app on your phone.

The recipient then uses the card at checkout to make purchases online — with no added fees! A simple example would be if you wanted to give someone $100 via X-Card, they could use it for any transaction through Amazon but won’t have access until they receive their gift card in physical form (i.e., not just emailed). You’ll still get paid when your friend makes transactions through Amazon, so there are no extra charges associated with sending gifts this way! All recipients will also have instant access upon receiving their gift cards in physical form so there are no additional delays involved in processing payments since payment doesn’t go out until you’ve received confirmation that your funds were delivered safely and successfully by mail (no one wants surprise credit card bills!).

There are two different types of X-cards: Master Card VISA & American express Gift Cards – these come preloaded with money inside them already which can be used immediately without having to wait for delivery time (this is important because sometimes overseas shipping processes take quite some time)