How Much Dry Food To Feed A Kitten?

How much to feed a kitten? When one is feeding a kitten, it is not necessary to follow the exact amount of food recommended by the manufacturer. In fact, most adult cats require twice as much food as kittens. A general recommendation for dry cat food is two cups per day for an adult and four cups for a large breed or giant breed cat weighing between 10 pounds and 20 pounds. Larger fat cats may need more than this amount in order to maintain proper weight. Dry kibble can be offered twice daily with water added after each feeding if you wish your pet to eat less frequently or when eating at home. Cat owners should consult their veterinarian before adjusting any formula used with regards to age, health issues and overall maintenance of good nutrition in their pets…. Read More »

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How Much Water Kittens Drink?

Kitten water consumption depends on several factors such as its size and diet, but generally speaking it will drink about 100 percent of its body weight every day…. Read More » …Read more